Do I need to be home when you're working in my house?

A question that we get asked frequently is do I need to be home when you're working in my house?

And the answer is no.

We usually don't need you to be home, but we always want to work with whatever level of comfortability you have. Obviously there's issues with pets being home, minors being home, different issues like that.

We have some customers that actually will go on vacation and they'll plan a fairly large project to coordinate it with their vacation. They'll go out of town and give us the garage code or a key and we'll go in there and work in their house and get that project done while they're not there.

We have some customers that definitely like to be home and that's perfectly ok as well. There's also times where there's specific types of jobs where we would need you to be home. For example, if you just move into the house and you have 20, 30 pictures that you're wanting hung on a wall, obviously we would need to know where those are going to go. So in that situation we would want you to be home.

Most of the time if we're doing work that doesn't involve you or decisions that have to be made immediately, we don't require or do we need to have someone home? Again, it's completely up to your comfort level. Some people will leave a key, some people will leave the door unlocked. Some people will give us garage door codes. We have even some customers that we've been in their house, done work and we've never actually met them in person and we've done multiple jobs for them.

So at the end of the day, it just depends on your comfort level. With us being 10 years in business, we've never had a single incident of any type of theft or things broken or any issue like that. So from our standpoint, it's not something that we require, but certainly if you feel more comfortable being there, we would welcome you to be there. So hopefully that answers your question.

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