Window Leak Case Study


Project Summary

  • Type: Repair and replace window frame and windows

  • Time to Complete: 5 Days

  • Challenges: Trying to figure out where the leak was coming from

  • Solution: We had to replace the 4 windows with shorter fixed glass windows and properly flash on top of the brick

  • Cost: $6,100


Here is a video break down of what happened and what we did to fix it.


Before the project began we talked through the process with the homeowner. During the project we came across a few challenges. The windows were not properly flashed which was causing them to leak. We replaced the windows with smaller

windows and re-flashed. The completion of the project overcame all of the difficulties faced. It left the customer with smaller, leak-free windows that they didn't have to worry about anymore.


The finished product turned out much better overall as you can see below.

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