Fiberglass to Tile Shower Install in Newburgh | Handicap Friendly

Job Summary

The Reason: The homeowner wanted to convert their fiberglass shower into a custom tile shower to help give more room and a lower curb height for their handicap relative

Time to Complete: A typical fiberglass to tile shower conversion takes 5-6 days.

Challenges: Curb height was a concern as well as having grab bars installed. Also needed to have enough room on the floor to allow for a chair to fit with room for feet.

Solution: We made the curb as low as we could and still be able to perform correctly. We extended the depth of the shower to add more room as well. By eliminating the fiberglass, we gained a few inches in width. We added grab bars and a shower wand to aid in washing off.

Cost of this job: $6,860 Price includes demo of old shower and dump fees. Waterproofing, new shower fixtures, tile, and grab bars.



The existing shower had very little room for the handicapped person to wash off. Their chair took up all the room on the floor and they were not able to turn or wash off very well. The height of the base also made it very difficult to step up.

Fiberglass Shower
Fiberglass unit with very little room


Like all of our shower installations, we use the Kerdi system by Schluter to waterproof the shower. In this current state, the shower is completely waterproofed. The tile is just for the finished look and has nothing to do with the performance of the product.

Schluter Systems Kerdi installed
Waterprooing installed


The finished shower turned out amazing. You can have beauty and performance when you use the right products. We wanted something that would go with the existing floor yet stand out on it's own. The marble look of the tile along with the chrome finish makes this shower really pop. There is plenty of room for the chair and a lot more room to move around in the shower. The lower curb and overall height really makes a difference in getting in and out of the shower. The grab bars add plenty of grab points to make is easy to get it, sit down, stand up, and get out of the shower safely. The two corner shelves add just the right amount of storage in the shower for personal hygiene products.

Tile Shower
Finished tile shower

Shower with grab bars
Shower for handicap person

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