Tile Backsplash In Newburgh | Problem Solved

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Job Summary

The Reason: The homeowner didn't like the look of the panels on her backsplash. There was also concern for water damage to the counter behind the sink where the laminate backsplash and the countertop met.

Time to Complete: A typical backsplash can be completed in 2 days but this project was finished in 3 days. There was additional work needing to be done to the drywall due to the glue from the existing panels.

Challenges: We expected to have issues behind the sink and in fact, it was a little more than expected. We needed to come up with a solution that would fix the damaged laminate and one that would last for the life of the counter.

Solution: We decided to use a decorative metal trim made by Schluter, which is used in tile applications, to cover the damaged area on the counter. We went with a beveled edge profile as we felt this had the least amount of protrusion into the counter area.

Cost of this job: $2,052 The customer already had some tile from another project and was able to get some that matched so we could do this project. This particular project was done as labor and miscellaneous materials only.






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